Project: 28 Racecourse Parade

May 2022 – TBC
In progress
28 Racecourse Parade

Additional carparking for the Avondale library, community hub and upgraded town square

We’re building additional parking to support the new Avondale library, community hub and upgraded town square upgrade project.

Auckland Council are working towards the build of a new multimillion-dollar library and community hub providing library spaces and flexible multi-use spaces to host community events and workshops. Eke Panuku are working alongside council to upgrade the town square as well as providing additional car parking to complement the library and community hub.

Last year, during the public consultation on the concept plans for the library, community bub and upgraded town square project, community feedback identified a need for more car parking to support those using the library and attending community events.

After an investigation of options, the council land located at 28 Racecourse Parade, designated for car parking, provides a great opportunity to create a fantastic new car park that would serve the library and community.

We’re planning to build a ground-level – meaning that residents’ views will not be blocked – car park with two mobility parks and 28 general parking spaces. Through quality urban design, this area will provide a safe, attractive and direct connection to both Avondale central reserve and the new library and community hub.

Council will manage the car park, meaning that the hours of operation will align with the new library and community hub’s hours.

Construction of this car park is set to begin in May 2022.

Project Milestones

01 May 2022

Local Board landowner approval achieved 26 May 2022

  1. May 2022

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