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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - Meadowbank

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the current and status for enabling work?

We need to ensure that development on the land is permissible in law.

When Council originally bought the land in 1994 it was intended that the land be vested as a local purpose reserve. This process was not completed.

The land is not legally a reserve, but it is to be considered as though it was.

Therefore, we will follow the reserve revocation process as laid out in the Reserves Act. We will report to the Parks, Arts, Community and Events Committee, and request the Minister of Conservation to revoke the reserve status of the land without public notification.

Please note, this does not change the ownership of the land. The land will remain in council ownership.

Who will own the completed building?

It is intended that council will retain ownership of the completed community centre and the surrounding land. It is proposed to hold the land and ground floor as a community centre.

When does the community have a say?

We will be working with key stakeholders during the concept design of the community centre fit-out. The wider community will have opportunities to have their say once the concept designs are drafted. We won’t know the timeframes for this until the development agreement is signed and resource consent application underway.

When will Meadowbank community centre close?

The centre will remain open until we are ready to start the redevelopment. We will agree on a timeline with our development partner.

Who is managing the current community centre?

Auckland Council is managing the community centre. Bookings can be made through the Auckland Council venue hire.

Where can my group/programme operate during the redevelopment?

If you need help, Auckland Council staff will be happy to assist current user groups to find suitable temporary spaces to relocate to. These could include other council-owned or community-operated venues in the area. If a suitable venue is found, each group will be responsible for completing its relocation directly with the new venue provider.

What if the temporary space I move to is more expensive than my current space?

If there is a difference between the current charges at Meadowbank Community Centre and your new venue, you can apply to the Ōrākei Local Board for a grant to cover the difference. The local board has committed to helping community groups operate during the redevelopment, and hope that they will rejoin the new community centre once it opens.

Who can help me find a suitable space to continue to run my group/programme?

For relocation enquiries, contact Pauline Laithwaite, Centre Manager, Auckland Council.

Email or phone 021 584 289

For funding enquiries, contact Lucia Davis, Strategic Broker, Auckland Council.

Email or phone 027 553 4800.

Will my group/programme fit in the new centre?

The floor plan and layout of Meadowbank’s new community centre has yet to be designed. We’ll consult with the community, including current user groups, once a development partner has been approved and resource consent granted. We’ll use the community feedback to help shape the design and layout.

What will the inside of the new centre look like?

The ground floor will be community space, with residential apartments on the floors above and basement parking below. We expect the new community centre will have an internal floor area of about 550sqm, almost twice the size of the current community centre. There are also plans for the Ōrākei Local Board office to be part of the centre, in addition to the 550sqm.

Will there be an early childhood education centre built into the new community centre?

We have no plans to incorporate an early childhood education centre into the new centre.

Will there be car parking?

Yes, residents and community centre users will have separate parking. The exact numbers and layout are yet to be finalised but will be guided by the Auckland Unitary Plan.

When will the new centre be open?

We don’t know yet. Once a development partner has been approved, we’ll agree on a timeline for the development, and this will include an estimated completion date.

When the new centre is open, who will manage it?

While the redevelopment is happening, Ōrākei Local Board will decide how the new Meadowbank Community Centre will operate. The board has favoured a community-led model for many of its community centres; empowering communities is a preferred approach in the council family.