Harbour Bridge Park

Harbour Bridge Park

The upgrade of the Harbour Bridge Park was identified as a future project in the Waterfront Plan 2012 and the Westhaven Plan 2013 (2015) and work is now progressing on this public space upgrade to get it ready for construction starting in 2023.

The Waterfront Plan described the upgrade of Harbour Bridge Park as:

“A new green public space featuring a waterfront walkway and cycleway, providing increased access to the water for St Mary’s and Herne Bay residents and the wider community. There will be opportunities for native planting, recognition of cultural heritage and picnic and fishing spots to make the most of this area’s superb outlook across the harbour.”


Taking this plan off the page, the upgrade to Harbour Bridge Park will involve the following changes:

  • Curran St will be realigned to the back of the park away from the water’s edge and redesigned to a one-way traffic system heading west to east.
  • There will be a separated cycleway which acts as a key connection between the north-western and central city cycle network
  • Open green space will be designed to encourage recreational activity, as well as a place for people to spend time to enjoy views across the harbour
  • Piers will allow for an extended viewing point over the water, which can be used for fishing activities which are popular in the area
  • Different seating options to accommodate a range of users
  • Raingardens within the carparking area to allow for improved stormwater treatment
  • Ground levels to be elevated from current levels to mitigate climate change
  • Carparking provision will be maintained at current levels
  • The waahi tapu site (site of significance) Te Routu o Ureia will be represented in the space through landscape design, māori mahi toi (māori art) and Te Reo signage.

Waahi tapu (site of significance)

The land that Harbour Bridge Park resides on is reclaimed, and before 1920 it was a tidal area of the Waitematā Harbour.

Within Harbour Bridge Park, there is an identified waahi tapu site (site of significance) for mana whenua, named Te Routu o Ureia (Reef of Ureia).

Ureia is the renowned taniwha of the Marutuahu tribes of Hauraki and is a protected area of reef that the taniwha scratched its back on.

Te Routu o Ureia has been acknowledged in the design and will be represented in the space through landscape design, māori mahi toi (māori art) and Te Reo signage.

Project Milestones

Concept design is ready for engagement and consultation
March 2022

Concept design is ready for engagement and consultation

After several earlier workshops, the Waitematā Local Board endorsed the concept design for Harbour Bridge Park ahead of public engagement and stakeholder consultation. Eke Panuku is now sharing the design with interested stakeholders and the public to inform them of the planned works, as well as receive and incorporate their feedback where appropriate ahead creating a detailed design and lodging consent later in 2022.

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